A little about us…

Dragonmobility is a social enterprise based in Cambridge, UK, dedicated to get everyone, regardless of age, ability or means the right kind of mobility when they need it.

We can trace our routes back to 1981, when Dan and Lou Everard’s eldest daughter Ruth was diagnosed as having Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This a Ruth Everard (aged 22 months) learning to driver 'Yellow Peril' neuromuscular condition which in Ruth’s case caused serious muscular weakness from the age of about 6 months. As the medical advice was that this was a purely physical disability, Dan and Lou were determined to help Ruth to make the most of her intellectual abilities and socialise in a normal way with able-bodied children. The doctor who diagnosed her condition set a seed in Dan’s mind by saying she would “need wheels”. Dan set about using his engineering skills and contacts to make her a powerchair from which she could reach as many surfaces as possible.

All these years later we’re providing the decendents of this first chair to people around the world, with Dan still in place as Technical Director, and Ruth herself now leading the company as Managing Director.

Over these 35 years, the team has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience on a range of subjects. From pressure relief in seating, to fundraising, to intuitive controls and more. It’s this knowledge, combined with the personal touch of a family business that we feel makes us, us. So, come in! Have a read… join the family.